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My name is Corey Gilmore, I am an Artist,  Graphic Designer, and Entreprenuer who specializes in the creation of Logos and Corporate Identities for Startups and Small Businesses, as well as apparel design for businesses of all types and sizes.  I have been working as a designer for about nine years, and have completed well over 500 projects for my clients and employers in that amount of time.  These projects have ranged from logos to complete identities, as well as websites, vector graphics, and templates.  I moved to Tampa, FL in June to be closer to my two kids, I survive on coffee blended with metal and hardcore music, and I have a fantastic marriage with my beautiful wife Samantha.

I will be using this site to regularly post about my projects and businesses, any artwork I may be producing, and business or design advice from time to time.  I will also be posting freebies and giveaways here so be sure to check back regularly!  If you’re into social media be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!  Those details are as follows:


Twitter: @rivetsandink

Instagram: @rivetsandink


Written by Corey Gilmore